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What is Oyama Shrine?


Enshrining the Dieties of Architecture, Direction, Apotropaism, Ears, and Bicycles.
Come Visit and Worship at the Ooyama Shrine, the Shrine of Prayers.

Ooyama Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Innoshima, Hiroshima, which was established in 773 and is situated on a hill overlooking the sea. Since long ago, along with Oyama Zumi Shrine, it has been a place of worship for many people.

The main enshrined deity is “Ooyama Zumi No Ookami”, and it was once worshiped by the famous Murakami Navy of Innoshima during the Medieval Ages. Nowadays, many worshipers visit our shrine as a “Shrine of Prayers” from all over Japan and the world.

Two Deities of Good Fortune and Happiness: “Daikoku and Ebisu”

Pilgrimage to the Seven Deities of Good Fortune and Happiness in Setouchi Shimanami

Ooyama Shrine enshrines the first and second deities Daikoku and Ebisu. The two deities of good fortune and happiness are parent and child, and they are the deities for better family fortune, success for one’s descendants and business, as well as the guardian deities of guidance.

The Best Treasure Ship in Japan, with Seven Deities of Good Fortune and Happiness
●1 person for 1,500 yen (including souvenirs)

 The Bicycle Deity, Protector of Cyclists!

The Watashi Shrine enshrines the Watashi Ookami or the Deity of Transportation. It is commonly known as the Bicycle Shrine. Here you can get a bicycle amulet (charm) for cyclists, including your children and grandchildren.

These bicycle amulets are 200 yen each.

Prayer service: 5,000 yen per bicycle
Group prayer (over 10 bicycles): 3,000 yen per bicycle

Watashi Ookami

“Watashi Ookami” is also said to have the power to connect the good fate with people.
There is a heart-shaped stone of good fate for the true-love knot, matchmaking and marriage at our shrine.
Lifting the stone up to your chest, it is said whether your wish will be easily granted or not will be judged by the sense of the weight of the stone you lifted up.

An amulet/charm for true-love knot, matchmaking, and marriage: 800 yen ~
●A votive picture of a horse for true-love knot, matchmaking, and marriage: 500 yen

Visit and Worship at the rare Ear Shrine!

Mimigo Shrine, which is visited and worshiped by people from all over the country, enshrines the miraculous deity of ears.

You can receive prayer services for tinnitus (ringing in the ear), deafness, and other ear-related illnesses.

●1 day prayer service: 6,000 yen ~ (reservation required)

●Mimigo Strap (Pink & Blue): 800 yen
●Mimigo Amulet/Charm (Red & White): 800 yen