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What is Ear Shrine?

There is Seto Inside Sea in Japan, which is one of the most beautiful seas in our country. This sea has many old histories and nice cultures. This sea consists of many small islands.

There is Oyama Shrine in Innoshima that is one of the islands of Seto Inside Sea. We can look over Seto Inside Sea from Oyama Shrine, and Gods of the sea and the mountain has been seeing the happiness of people around here since the ancient times.

Those Gods are enshrined in this shrine. The main God name is “The great God of Oyama (in Japan, he is called Oyamazumiohkami)”. This God has been believed a God of mountains, architectures, triumphs, luck, voyage, and the safety of traffic. One of another God is “Great God of Mimigo (in Japan, he is called Mimigo-ohkami)” , who has been believed as a God of ear’s illness or misfortune.

This is the legend concerning him. Once upon a time, a grandmother had a trouble of her grandson’s illness of his ear. One day, she paid a visit to Mimigo shrine to ask Gods to get over her grandson’s illness. Then, he had gradually recovered his hearing ability. Thus, many people have had faith in Great God of Mimigo.

This shrine has been visited by many people who encouraged by cured people since old age, and people having visited here by ship those days. As the special belief is that a turban shell filling with some grain of rice and alcohol will enable God to accept our prayer because the shape of turban shell resembles that of ear.

How to worship?

Before you pray to God, you knock at the pillar of this shrine saying “Mimigosan”, and repeat this for three times. When you shake the bell, you mustn’t shake it with an up-and-down motion, please shake it with right-and-left motion slowly.