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What is Bicycle Shrine?

Bicycle Shrine

The “Deity of Bicycle” Who Protects Cyclists
Visit and Worship the “Bicycle Shrine

Ooyama Shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Innoshima of Hiroshima, which was established in 773 and is enshrined on a hill overlooking the sea. Since long ago, it has been worshiped by many people along with Ooyama Zumi Shrine.
The main enshrined deity is “Ooyama Zumi No Ookami”, and it had worshiped by famous Murakami Navy of Innoshima in the Medieval Ages. Nowadays, many worshipers visit our shrine as a “Shrine of Prayers” from all over Japan and the world.

Watashi Shrine enshrines “Watashi Ookami”, the “Deity of Transportation.” It is commonly known as the “Bicycle Shrine.” Please receive the “bicycle amulet/charm” for cyclists, and for your children and grandchildren.

●A “bicycle amulet/charm” for 200 yen

●Prayer service: 5,000 yen per one bicycle

●Group prayer (over 10 bicycles): 3,000 yen per one bicycle